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LiFi enters a new era, with Lucibel's launch of its second generation

Lucibel launches the 2nd generation of the LiFi
October, 17th 2018 - Rueil-Malmaison
Général Communication

Convinced of the very high potential of light communication technologies in the coming years, Lucibel, a major player in LiFi technology, is stepping up its technological developments in this field. Thus, four months after the formalization by the international organization IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Standards Association of the creation of the future standard LiFi 802.11bb, Lucibel puts on the market a 2nd generation of products, resulting from a development with his partner, the Scottish company pureLiFi.

This 2nd generation will be marketed by Lucibel to its customers from November 2018.

A booming market

In September 2016, Lucibel launched the world's first industrialized LiFi luminaire. Since that date, this 1st generation LiFi has been sold to more than 100 different customers such as banks, defense companies, R & D centers, headquarters, factories, hospitals, nurseries, .... These first users of LiFi have confirmed the value of this lighting solution that allows a wireless Internet connection, secure, without radio waves and offering excellent quality of service.

While the 1st generation has been deployed on pilot projects (experimentation phase), the 2nd generation will allow a wider deployment (acceleration / expansion phase), thanks to improved performance and a significantly lower commercialization price.

An even better product with a 30% increase in throughput

With a throughput growing by more than 30% (54 Mbps compared to 42 Mbps for the 1st generation), the 2nd generation of LiFi by Lucibel will allow a better access to the Internet.

In addition, this 2nd generation now allows 16 simultaneous users to benefit from a secure connection, under the cone of light, against 8 so far.

The product design has been revised to allow a better integration of the 'Lighting' and 'Connectivity' functionalities (see picture). Two patents have been filled by Lucibel on these new methods of integration of these functions.

Last, Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is now integrated natively in Lucibel's LiFi luminaires. This feature eliminates the need for an electrical cable and is a major advance in the evolution of the architecture of networks in buildings.

A price divided by more than 2

Price is a decisive element in the deployment of disruptive technology. Indeed, while the 1st generation was offered at a public price of € 2,500 for a luminaire and a LiFi key, the 2nd generation will be marketed € 1,100 (€ 750 for the luminaire and € 350 for the key).

These improved technical performances, coupled to a reduced price, will allow LiFi to position itself as the ideal solution to ensure connectivity in all the environments where Wifi is poorly adapted or even not at all possible.

First available as a downlight version, the LiFi product line will be expanded at the end of 2018 with the arrival of a LiFi pannel and, during the first half of 2019, a Rivoli alto floor lamp which will has been launched in September in a Cronos (circadian) version. Lucibel will therefore offer, from the end of the first half of 2019, a complete line of luminaires to adapt to the needs of its customers.