« LuciConnect»

The LuciConnect offer

For many years, the Lucibel group has developped relevant solutions in the areas of lighting and the management of services equipment. LuciConnect is designing, producing, testing and delivering the electricity part of your tertiary projects. Thanks to our partnership with the Schneider Eclectric company, leader on the general electricity market, we make you benefit from the newest technologies in the area of connected equipments, and more specifically the energy management. Your equipments are mocked-up, tested and documented in our factory of Barentin (Normandy) before being sent on your work site.


The LuciConnect concept

Luciconnect is allowing you to access the electricity market of the 21st century. Give to your customers the control of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and blind in compliance with the 2012 Thermal Regulations (2012TR). All of this without investing, without increasing your workforce and your general costs, thanks to LuciConnect which is offering you a complete solution ready for use.



What are the advantages ?

The advantages of our concept

For the occupier :
  • General information and specific information according to its workspace
  • Control of the functions of its area (well-being)
For the operator :
  • Centralized order
  • Settings of diaries / hours programmings
  • Instructions modification
  • Follow-up of operation, alarm, problem
For the owner :
  • Follow-up of the building performance
  • Flexibility of places by reprogramming without wiring

The advantages of our implementation

  • No tests on the work site
  • No failure
  • No stock
  • No theft or deterioration of equipment
  • Thanks to the prewiring (terminals, cabinets…) : no need to qualified employees on the work site
  • Observation of the schedule
  • Reduction of the resulting costs
  • Less removal of reservations


What the LuciConnect solution is providing to you

The LuciConnect solution is providing you a simplified work site, allowing you to give 80% of your time to the study and the design, in order to tecnically validate the solution, and dedicate 20% of the time for the execution.