The Art of lighting

The Luxitis range is a range of ‘premium' lighting elements, for which the priority is given to lighting quality and the use of noble materials. It is manufactured exclusively in France and offers an unlimited number of possible customisations (colour, LED, CRI, lens, dimensions, power rating, ...).
The common properties of all our products are a very long operating life (up to 100,000 h), excellent luminosity (up to 130 lm/W) and, in particular, close attention paid to the restored light quality.
Luxitis is available as flush-mounted, rail-mounted spotlight, suspended and line versions, to provide additional support in the development of your lighting projects.



Low luminance fixed LED small downlight


Low luminance fixed LED downlight


Low luminance adjustable LED downlight

Atla flush

High-power, flush-mounted lighting elements


Mini LED spotlight


Powerful pendant lighting fixture

LED R66 / LED R66+

Linears LED